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Privacy Policy


Company name: ADM Photo OÜ
ADM Photo OÜ

Register code 14721306

Registered 10.05.2019

Legal address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Narva mnt 5, 10117
Tel : +44 7907 041272
ADM Photo is directed by Anna Dobrovolskaya-Mints

Host: Open Resources. Secured payment: SumUp
Publication manager: Oxana Vysochinskaya


Anna Dobrovolskaya-Mints, because of having taken the initiative of his creation, remains the bearer of the rights of author of his or her work, as defined by Estonian law. The rights of representation and of reproduction of the works presented on the site belong to their authors and to ADM Photo. Their conjoint authorization is necessary for all exploitation of these rights. Your rights to the purchased work are therefore limited to a right to private use, excluding any right of representation and of reproduction.


All the elements present on the Site and the Site in itself are protected by the right of the author, right of trademarks, of designs, and models and/or all other intellectual property rights. By item, which we understand to be non-exhaustive: the photographs, images, designs, illustrations, texts, videos, logos, screen savers, backgrounds, trademarks, models, software programs, etc. These articles belong to the company ADM Photo or are utilized with the permission of their owners. Therefore, all reproduction, representation, utilization, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, commercialization, partial or integral by whatever procedure or on whatever medium that may be (paper, digital, etc.) are forbidden, without the advanced written authorization of ADM Photo, besides the exceptions endorsed in laws of the Republic of Estonia, under the pain of constituting a breach in the copyrights of the author and/or of designs and models and/or of trademark, punished by two years of imprisonment and a €152,449,02 fine.


In function of your choices at the time of the creation or of the modification of your account, you will be susceptible to receive the offers of our company and those of our partners. If you no longer wish it, you can modify these choices in your client account on the site or in writing us at the address here below.

At the fact of creating an order on, your personal account will be created automatically after filling out your data in a payment form. The login and password will be send on your email. You can delete your account or change the password and any other data anytime.

You dispose of a right of access, of modification, of rectification, and of suppression of the information that concerns you. You can exercise this right in sending an email or a letter to the following address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Narva mnt 5, 10117 — Estonia. E-mail: Tel.: +44 7907 041272. You can equally consult or modify your personal information in your client account on ADM Photo is brought to collect personal information at different moments: ordering, creation of a client account, subscription to the ADM Photo newsletter or partnerships, sending of your list of preferred photos to your friends, recommendation of the site to your friends, sponsorship, questionnaires for the knowledge of your tastes and interests. The information that you communicate to us will be able to be the object of computerized treatments in order to allow the handling of your file, the security of the payments, the expedition of the work and the implementation of commercial actions. This information will be able, as a result and exclusively for the aforesaid ends, to be communicated, in Estonia and abroad, to public organisms or private societies.


The information that you confide to ADM Photo is stocked on secure servers of our host Open Resources (except data banks). The access to this information is protected and limited to registration operations and the handling of your orders, statistic operations that allow us to improve our services and services such as the sending of newsletters, photo alerts, recommendation to a friend, or sponsorship. When you pay for you order on, you enter your bank coordinates direct in the secure server of SumUp. Your bank information is encrypted (SSL technology, Secure Socket Layer). It does not freely circulate on the Internet and cannot be intercepted. ADM Photo does not know your bank coordinates.


Cookies are a text file sent by our site to your navigator and are stocked on your computer. The site uses a cookie in two cases:

  • to facilitate your connection to a client account in automatically recognizing you. This is uniquely if you have demonstrated the wish in checking the corresponding box;
  • to allow you to find the contents of your shopping cart until 90 days after your visit to our site.

The cookie does not take into account your actions realized on It does not in any case allow us to know the other sites that you have visited or that you are going to visit. You have the possibility to delete cookies. At all times, at each new visit on a new cookie will be put in place. In Internet Explorer: 1. In the “Tools” menu, select “Internet Options”. 2. In the tab “Confidentiality” select the level “block all cookies” and validate In Firefox: 1. In the “Tools” menu, “Internet Options” submenu, select “Delete my traces”. 2. Select “cookies” and validate If you prefer, you have the possibility to navigate on without cookies. In navigating without cookies you will not have the option to have your user name or password registered for connection to your ADM Photo client account, nor to re-find the contents of your shopping cart. To navigate without cookies: With Internet Explorer: 1. In the “Tools” menu, select “Internet Options”. 2. In the tab “Confidentiality” select the level “block all cookies” and validate. With Firefox: 1. In the “Tools” menu, submenu “Internet Options”, select “Private life”. 2. Uncheck the box “Accept cookies” and validate.

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