ADM PHOTO Gallery was founded in 2019 and at the moment represents photographer and contemporary artist Anna Dobrovolskaya-Mints.

Anna is a member of numerous group exhibitions.

Latest solo exhibitions: ZERO F * CKS GIVEN at the Photobastei gallery, Zurich, Switzerland (2019), “Somewhere to Swim” at KhaOs art space, Barcelona, Spain (2021).

Shortlisted in Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2021, Honorable mention of
the International Photography Awards (2021).

Participant of various charity auctions and campaigns such as “100 PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR BERGAMO“, “UNITED PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR UKRAINE”, and the auction of the Sozidanie charity foundation. Participant of the international photography art fairs.

The photographer is the actual partner for the Swiss camera manufacturer ALPA of Switzerland 

For any questions related to Anna and the gallery, please contact Oxana Vysochinskaya

Instagram and Facebook .

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