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*Русский в комментариях ⠀ This little boy stays with me all nights during this week. His name is Alpa of Switzerland. ⠀ When I tell people that I shoot with Alpa they are nodding and usually reply they do shoot with Alpha as well. They don’t even pay attention to a word “Switzerland” after the name. ⠀ And that’s when I need to explain that Alpa is very far from Alpha. Alpa is a custom made suit tailored for you with the best tailor. It’s not even Leica which is all about showing off and not the quality anymore. Still you can use Alpa as an accessory when out for a black tie dinner as you would do with Leica. ⠀ Alpa literally adjusts to its owner. The full setup is actually customized personally for you and your needs by hand. For example I shoot in the night and need a very precise focus on the ring. With other lenses I focus to infinity and then dance around trying to fine tune the ring in order to have the best focus. In the field. In the night. In the cold. ⠀ The focus on my Alpa is set the way I need it. When I rotate the ring to infinity the stars are in focus. And there is no but. No more dancing and guessing. It may sound strange to someone but I’m really crazy about right focusing and sometimes spend up to an hour fine tuning it in the field! ⠀ Alpa is a mechanical camera. Or technical camera if we call it a proper way. This means you don’t have “make me a masterpiece” button. You do everything by hands and using your head (which I claim to be the most important instrument in photography). Even if you attach a digital back you can still operate and change everything manually. And yes, there is no “auto” on a back anyway ) ⠀ Alpa is a no distortion camera. It works as tilt/shift which means your straight lines will remain straight. And you can shoot wide angles without correcting the perspective afterwards! ⠀ Do I sound like I’m in love? ⠀ #alpaofswitzerland @alpacameras

Публикация от Anna Dobrovolskaya-Mints (@adm_photolife)

Фотограф Анна Добровольская-Минц — участник ряда групповых выставок в России, в том числе “Best of Russia” и “Серебряная Камера”. В 2019 представила свою первую персональную выставку ZERO F*CKS GIVEN в галерее Photobastei (Цюрих, Швейцария). Участник акции «100 ФОТОГРАФОВ ДЛЯ БЕРГАМО», аукциона благотворительного фонда “Созидание”, и международной ярмарки фотографии MIA Photo Fair.

В 2018 фотограф Анна Добровольская-Минц создала организацию ADM Photo, которая представляет Анну как фотографа, а также продюсирует её колаборации с современными художниками.

Анна является послом швейцарского производителя фотокамер ALPA of Switzerland. 

Партнерские предложения, пожалуйста, направляйте Оксане Высочинской oxana@adm.photo.

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