Zero F*cks Given


Exhibition in Photobastei Gallery
31.10 – 22.11.2019, Zurich, Switzerland

Dedicated to the idea of internal exclusion
and of concentration on the phenomena
of external objective reality.

Foremost in the author’s mind for this project was to search for tools and creative methodologies intrinsically able to embody her commitment to the philosophical escapism reflected in the very name of this project, the main objective of which is to shift focus from a space of virtual information to one of objective objects and phenomena emanating from the real, material world. Digital photography possesses a wide range of opportunities for internal philosophical discourse and, as such, has become the primary instrumentality to realize the stated goals of the Project.

A book devoted to the project to be presented.

Producer: Oxana Vysochinskaya
Photo report 

The Photobastei: The House of Photography
in the heart of Zurich.

The Photobastei , Sihlquai 125 Zurich CH-8005 Switzerland

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