It was very cold and while waiting for the aurora to start I’ve put the camera outside to shoot trails. The last few frames of star trails caught the start of northern lights and it was a pity to throw them away. So I’ve decided to merge all frames and got this result.  Available in …

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A dialogue

My photos always reflect my state of mind. Sometimes I feel I need more space and less details. This is how they become laconic. Sometimes I feel like wanting it all and I get the burst of color, trails, lights and everything that can be fit into the image without manipulation. I can’t control this …

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Shooting at night

Shooting at night is very exciting. Shooting at night alone is even more exciting. Because except fighting with external demons, you have to fight the inner ones as well.I felt safe being at 3100 meters above sea level. As you may know, the most dangerous demon is human. There were no people. Those few, who …

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